A balcony to the field


A balcony to the field

1.900.000€ · Maó · Ref. 2494


145.00 m²












Pending certification kWh/m2 year


Calm, privacy, and lots of light in a house surrounded by green

Freedom and privacy are some of the most important things that someone who wants to enjoy Menorca is looking for. In this spectacular house, surrounded by more than 136,000m² (13.6Ha) of fields, privacy and freedom are guaranteed. As happens in any self-respecting place on the island, you have to leave the main road and drive down a dirt road to the entrance of the farm. That’s where the good stuff begins. Once at the farm, you walk the path through the countryside until you reach a white oasis with so much green, it’s an incredible feeling. Upon reaching the house’s entrance, we find an authentic Menorcan barrier that leads to the spectacular front terrace of the house, a balcony overlooking the countryside where you can only see a sea of trees as far as the eye can see, it is spectacular. Also oriented to the field and with incredible views we find the pool, located on the side of the house, a large pool that is self-supplied with water, thanks to the tank of more than 70,000 liters that is filled thanks to the water that is collected in the own farm. On both sides of the house, as well as at the rear, there is space to install outdoor furniture and a relaxation area, etc. Also on one of the sides, there is a small guest house with views of the field and a fireplace. Looking frontally at the house, the porch stands out, ideal for spring-summer nights. As for the interior of the house, it stands out for its good construction, with a lot of wood and a rustic style that fits perfectly with the soul of the entire property. On the ground floor, we find a large entrance hall with access to all the rooms, which include a large dining room with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen with an additional area, as well as two bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the first floor, there is a large room with an adjacent office and various attic spaces that provide extra space to the house. Another important thing that must be highlighted about this house is the fact that it has electricity that is self-generated thanks to the photovoltaic solar panels that supply all the energy that the farm needs in excess. Regarding the dependence on water and electricity, it could be said that this house is self-sufficient.

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