Hotel and more


Hotel and more

3.500.000€ · Sant Lluis · Ref. 2526


575.00 m²








Sant Lluis


Pending certification kWh/m2 year


A hotel on the outskirts of a small town in Menorca, with other buildings and many possibilities.

This hotel on the outskirts of a small Menorcan village is not only a charming place for travelers seeking a unique experience in Menorca but also presents itself as an excellent investment opportunity. Here are some reasons that support its appeal as a solid investment:1. Strategic Location: The property is situated in a quiet and peaceful location, away from the hustle and bustle of the busier tourist areas. This makes it a perfect retreat for those looking to escape the noise and enjoy the authentic beauty of the island while still being close to an urban center.2. Spacious Facilities: With eight rooms, eight bathrooms, and a variety of amenities, this hotel has the capacity to accommodate a considerable number of guests at the same time. Its dining area, which can seat 25 diners, and the à la carte kitchen offer additional income opportunities through special events and restaurant services.3. Internet Connectivity and Modern Services: The provision of Internet services in all rooms ensures that the hotel is equipped to meet the needs of modern travelers. Investment in technology ensures that guests enjoy a comfortable and connected experience.4. Energy Efficiency: The installation of solar panels and the availability of multiple sources of energy, such as gas-oil and electricity, ensure sustainable operation and reduce long-term operating costs.5. Versatile Accommodation: This hotel is suitable for both seasonal tourists and those looking to enjoy Menorca year-round, thanks to its heating and air conditioning system in all rooms.6. Menorca’s Tourist Appeal: Menorca is known for its natural beauty, pristine beaches, rich culture, and relaxed atmosphere. This attracts visitors from around the world, providing a potentially wide customer base.7. Growth Potential: With solid management and a proper marketing strategy, the hotel has the potential to attract more guests and increase revenue over time.In summary, this hotel on the outskirts of a small Menorcan village offers not only an unforgettable experience for travelers but also an attractive investment opportunity. Its location, modern facilities, and energy efficiency make it a promising choice for those looking to diversify their portfolio or start a new project in Menorca’s hotel industry. With a strong focus on management and marketing, this hotel has the potential to provide solid long-term returns.Additionally, there are two more buildings on two different plots that could be part of the hotel, restaurant, or activity space, with a total of over 900m2 in addition to the hotel.

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